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  • What are the design advantages of CNC core lathes that have attracted much attention

    With the continuous development and advancement of the current social economy, the development of the social engineering industry has begun to have urgent needs, and the requirements for precision parts processing have also begun to be higher. Due to its own design advantages, CNC lathes can be c...
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  • How to choose the motorized spindle?

    Be sure to pay attention to your application when choosing the motorized spindle, the interface of different application situations is different, in addition, be sure to find out your power requirements, and the corresponding speed under this power, this is very critical, because the same is 1 kW...
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  • Distinction between motorized spindle and mechanical spindle

    Difference: The motorized spindle is generally used on CNC machinery, while the mechanical spindle is used on general machine tools. Reason: Low cost lathe can not use motorized spindle, because the cost is too high. And the high-end lathe, because the demand spindle precision is high, the electr...
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  • What is the principle of spindle motor

    Spindle is a new technology which combines spindle and spindle motor in the field of NC machine tool in recent years. It will push high speed machining to a new era together with linear motor technology and high speed tool technology. The motorized spindle is a set of components which include the...
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