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What is included in the mathematical processing of CNC lathes

The mathematical processing of the part drawing is mainly to calculate the dimension of the machining track of the part, that is, the coordinate of the base point and node of the machining appearance of the part, or the coordinate of the base point and node of the appearance of the tool center, so as to compile the machining program.

Calculation of base point coordinates

Usually CNC machine tools only linear and arc interpolation performance. With regard to the plane appearance composed of straight lines and arcs, the key mission of numerical calculation in programming is to find the coordinates of each base point.

Meaning of 1. basis points

The intersection or tangent point of the differential geometric prime line that makes up the appearance of the part is called the base point. The basis point may be directly used as the starting point or end of its trajectory.

Content 2. direct calculations

According to the requirements of filling out the processing program sheet, the contents of the direct calculation of the base point are: the starting point and the coordinates of the end of each moving track in the selected coordinate system, and the center coordinate value of the arc moving track.


CNC Gantry Machining Center

The method of direct calculation of basis points is simple and can usually be completed manually according to the known conditions given by the part drawings. That is, according to the given dimensions on the part drawing to apply algebra, triangle, geometry or analysis geometry related knowledge, directly calculate the numerical value. When calculating, pay attention to the number of digits after the decimal point to keep enough to ensure sufficient accuracy.

Calculation of node coordinates

About some plane appearance correct circle equation curve Y=F (X) composition, such as involute, Archimedes solenoid and so on, can only use the processing straight line and the circular arc to approach them. The mission of numerical computation is to compute the coordinates of nodes.

Definition of 1. nodes

When a NC machine tool with non-circular curve interpolation performance is selected to process non-circular curve appearance, many straight lines or arcs are often used to approximate the non-circular curve in the programming, which is called fitting processing. The intersection or tangent point of a fitting line segment is called a node.

Calculation of 2. node coordinates

The calculation of node coordinates is difficult and the workload is large, so it can be calculated manually when necessary after computer.

Post time: Aug-03-2020