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What are the structural features of vertical lathes

What are the structural features of vertical lathes? Let’s take a brief look:

 Vertical lathes can usually be divided into single column type and double column type. Small vertical lathe generally made of single-column type, large vertical lathe made of double-column type. Single-column vertical lathe is a universal type general lathe in vertical series, which is beneficial to the machining of many kinds of small and medium-sized annular parts, shell and flange, such as outer garden, outer cone, inner hole, inner cone turning and drilling, reaming and boring. The emphasis is on the design of the ball plate for steel ball equipment processing, but also widely conducive to the processing of various disc parts.

 Vertical lathe is a large-scale mechanical equipment for machining large and heavy workpieces with large radial size and relatively small axial size and complex shape. Such as all kinds of disk, wheel and sleeve type workpiece cylindrical surface, end face, conical surface, cylindrical hole, conical hole, etc. Additional devices can also be used for thread, spherical, shape, milling and grinding. Compared with the horizontal lathe, the workpiece is clamped inside the clip decoration of the horizontal lathe. The vertical lathe spindle axis is vertical layout, the table is in the horizontal plane, so the workpiece clamping and alignment comparison is convenient. This kind of layout reduces the load of spindle and bearing, so the vertical lathe can keep working precision for a long time.

 The main energy characteristic of vertical lathe structure is that its spindle is in vertical position, the worktable is in horizontal plane, and the installation and adjustment of workpiece is relatively simple. The worktable is supported by guide rail, good rigidity and smooth cutting. There are several tool holders, and can quickly change the tool, vertical lathe machining accuracy can achieve IT9-IT8, surface roughness Ra up to 3.2-1.6 um.. For vertical lathe, the main reference data is D. maximum turning diameter  The vertical car owner can be used to process large and heavy workpieces with large diameter and short length and workpieces which are not easy to be clamped on a horizontal lathe. Under the condition that the rotary diameter is satisfied, the heavy workpieces are not easy to be clamped in the horizontal car, because of their own weight, which has an impact on the machining accuracy, above problems can be solved by using the vertical car.

 The above is the structural characteristics of vertical lathe, welcome to buy.

Post time: Jul-01-2020