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What are the reasons for the poor accuracy of vertical machining centers

The machining center of the vertical machining center with the vertical axis of the spindle and the worktable refers to the machining center that the main can be applied to the complicated parts of the machining plate, disk, die and small shell. However, the batch machining of vertical machining center can obtain the consistency of workpiece size very high, this point is relatively difficult to operate artificially, even if there is a certain error value allowed, but assuming that improper setting of reference data or operation error will indirectly affect the workpiece machining accuracy is very poor, What are the reasons for the poor accuracy of vertical machining center? Let’s take a quick look at this:

 1. the machining roughness of vertical machining center is high due to high cutting speed, improper cutting fluid, excessive reamer wear, too large main deviation angle of reamer or too large margin.

 Because of the high roughness, so the solution is more difficult, can reduce cutting speed, reference to the material to select cutting fluid, reduce reaming allowance and reaming front bottom hole position accuracy and quality rise, increase reaming allowance, increase chip slot space or the use of reamer with edge inclination angle to make chip removal smooth, regular replacement reamer reasonable selection of tools and other measures.

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Vertical Machining Center


2. because of the wear of the guide sleeve in the vertical machining center or because the low end of the guide sleeve is too far from the workpiece, the short length of the guide sleeve or the poor precision of the hole position caused by it is poor.

 can check and replace the guide sleeve regularly, lengthen the guide sleeve, strengthen the matching accuracy of the guide sleeve and reamer clearance, and adjust the spindle bearing clearance in time.

 3. the spindle bearing is loose, the hole surface has sand holes or pores, or reamer too long rigidity can not reach, will cause the vertical machining center reaming out of the inner hole is not round.

 The reamer can be installed by rigid connection, select qualified reamer, control the tolerance of hole position in the pre-processing process, adopt reamer with unequal tooth distance, select qualified blank, adjust the spindle clearance regularly to solve the problem.

  4. vertical machining center cutting speed is too high, improper feed or machining allowance is too large, or vertical machining center itself caused by the aperture gradually increased.

 It can be treated according to the actual situation, which can reduce the external diameter of reamer, reduce the cutting speed, reduce the main deflection angle, select the cutting fluid with better cooling performance, adjust or replace the spindle bearing or replace the whole spindle can effectively solve the problem of increasing the aperture.

 The above is the reason for the poor accuracy of vertical machining center, I hope it will help you.

Post time: Jul-15-2020