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What are the principles of lathe operation

What are the principles of lathe operation? Let’s take a brief look:

Selection principle

The basic principle of affirming three factors: according to the cutting requirements, first affirm the back feed, then look up the table to get the feed, and then look up the table before and after the formula to calculate the main cutting speed.

In many situations we might as well start with empirical data to confirm the value of these three factors.

Selection methods

The selection of correct cutting parameters is related to many factors such as machine tool, tool, workpiece and technology. The correct choice of processing dosage is as follows:

During rough machining, the key point is to ensure high production efficiency, so we should choose large back feed, large feed, cutting speed U low speed.

When finishing, the emphasis is to ensure the size of the parts and the requirements of surface accuracy, so choose a smaller back feed, a smaller feed, cutting speed select a higher speed.


CNC lathe machine

In rough machining, it is usually necessary to fully develop the potential of machine tools and cutting power of cutting tools. In NC lathe semi-finishing and finishing, we should focus on how to ensure the quality of machining, and in this basically despite increasing production rate. When selecting cutting parameters, NC lathe factory should ensure that the cutting tool can finish machining a part or ensure that the durability of the tool is not less than one working class, at least not less than half working hours. The detailed numerical value of CNC lathe factory should be selected according to the articles of association, tool durability and practical experience in the footnotes of machine tools.

The choice of back-feeding tool quantity: the choice of back-feeding tool quantity should be determined according to the stiffness of machine tool, fixture and workpiece and the power of machine tool. In the process system promised conditions, as far as possible to select a larger back to eat knife. In addition to the allowance left for later processes, the rest of the roughing allowance as much as possible to remove, so that the minimum number of knives.

Usually in the medium power machine tool, rough back feed knife quantity is 8~10 mm( unilateral). NC lathe factory half-finishing back knife quantity is 0.5~5 mm; finishing back knife quantity is 0 ~1.5 mm.

The affirmation of the feed quantity: when the quality requirement of the workpiece can be guaranteed, in order to increase the production rate, the higher feed speed can be selected. When cutting, turning deep hole or finishing in CNC lathe factory, lower feed speed should be chosen. Feed speed should be suitable for spindle speed and back cutter amount. In rough machining, the selection of feed is limited by cutting force.

The above is the lathe operation to follow a few principles, welcome to consult.


Post time: Aug-03-2020