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What are the machining objects of NC lathe

In hardware processing, all the rotary parts that can be clamped on ordinary lathe can be processed on CNC lathe. However, CNC lathe has the characteristics of high machining precision, can do straight line and arc interpolation, and can automatically change speed in the process of hardware processing, its process boundary is much wider than ordinary machine tools.


CNC lathe machine


CNC lathes have good rigidity, high manufacturing and tool precision, and can easily and accurately enter manual compensation and automatic compensation. The tool activity of the other NC turning is accomplished by high precision interpolation and servo drive, plus the rigidity of the machine tool and the high manufacturing precision, so it can process the parts with high precision in the form of bus straightness, roundness, cylinder degree and so on. With regard to the appearance of the arc and the rest of the curves, the machined form and the geometric form required on the drawing are much higher in proximity to the level than in the use of a copying lathe.

CNC lathe has constant linear speed cutting performance, so it is advisable to choose the best linear speed to cut the cone and end face, so that the surface roughness value after turning is both small and general, and the parts with small surface roughness value and average surface roughness value are processed.

The NC lathe can not only turn straight, cone and end thread of any equal guide, but also smooth transition thread between variable guide and variable guide. CNC lathe turning thread when the spindle does not need to turn like the usual lathe, it might as well a knife and a continuous cycle, until the end, so CNC lathe thread efficiency is very high.

Post time: Jul-27-2020