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What are the differences between vertical lathes and general lathes

What is the difference between vertical lathe and general lathe? Let’s take a quick look at this:

The general lathe is driven by gears and common screw nuts. Because there is a gap between the motion pairs, and the manual operation is not accurate, so the repetition accuracy is low. General lathe measurement needs to stop manual measurement, measurement deviation is large, and low efficiency. Suitable for small batch, accuracy can not be high, part-time. It has lower numerical controls but higher skills for workers, so it has higher wages. Low worker waste rates and productivity can be a headache.

CNC lathe by step motor drive ball screw drive, out of ball screw can have interference, transmission without clearance, accuracy can be guaranteed by the machine itself and procedures. In the process of processing can be consciously measured, and can actively compensate for tool wear and other causes of error. So the production and processing quality is good, the precision is stable. Also can use the programming method to produce the complex shape, the common lathe difficult to process the parts. Suitable for high precision, large batch, complex shape parts. But small batch production is also very good. Its maintenance cost is higher than ordinary lathe. The stand owner can be used for large pieces, and its spindle is vertical. Standing cars also have numerical control. Because of the shortage of high-tech talents, new companies use numerical control to increase productivity and product quality, and reduce waste rate and cost.

The above is the difference between vertical lathe and general lathe, I hope it will help you.


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Post time: Jul-21-2020