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The future development trend of CNC industry


Analysis of the development trend of CNC machine tool industry:

1. The speed and accuracy are two important indicators of CNC machine tools, which are directly related to the quality and grade of the product, the production cycle of the product and the competitiveness in the market.

2. The development of CNC machine tools in the direction of flexibility and function integration. While improving the flexibility of a single machine, it is also developing in the direction of unit flexibility and systemization. For example, the emergence of CNC multi-axis machining centers, tool-changing box-changing machining centers, etc. are flexible The efficient processing equipment.

3. Development towards intelligence With the continuous penetration and development of artificial intelligence in the computer field, numerical control systems are developing towards intelligence. In the new generation of numerical control systems, the performance is greatly improved due to the use of control mechanisms such as “evolutionary calculation”, “fuzzy system” and “neural network”.

4. Develop towards high reliability

In order to improve reliability, it uses higher integrated circuit chips and large-scale or ultra-large-scale dedicated and hybrid integrated circuits to reduce the number of components and improve reliability.

In addition to these, China’s CNC machine tools are also developing in the direction of networking, driving parallelization, and standardization. I hope that China’s CNC machine tool industry will continue to progress and develop.

At present, China’s total consumption of CNC machine tools accounts for 42% of the world’s total, and the number of machine tools continues to increase. With the rapid growth of China’s machine tool industry, structural adjustments, and the deepening of specialization, electric spindles with multiple technical and performance advantages will benefit from the upgrade of the downstream machine tool industry. However, imported electric spindles

Post time: Apr-29-2021