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CNC lathe can make some parts, can it process all parts

Numerical control lathe processing is considered by many people in the processing industry that CNC lathes can process all parts. In fact, some workpieces are more suitable for processing on CNC lathes, but not all parts are suitable for high-tech processing. For the parts that can be produced, it is not easy to design a program for the automatic production of a CNC lathe, but to increase a lot of programs.

CNC lathes are usually designed to utilize modern versions of carbide tools and processes. Parts can be designed for customization, and the tool path of the machine tool is usually programmed using CAD or CAM processes. However, the programmer can also manually design parts or tool paths. Then upload the generated coding computer file to the CNC machine tool, and then the machine tool will automatically produce the required parts designed through programming.

What kind of parts is suitable for CNC lathes

CNC lathes are mainly suitable for processing simple-shaped parts that are difficult to process on ordinary lathes, or parts that can be processed by ordinary lathes and those that are processed by operators with other skills. As well as high-precision, large or expensive parts, mass production or parts that may be adjusted in size and shape many times.

When the material of the workpiece and the tool, the finishing allowance and the tool angle are fixed, the continuous cutting speed and feed rate of the surface cutting are provided. Ordinary machine tools are constant, and the cutting speed is different for different diameters. For example, CNC lathes have the function of constant linear speed cutting. The same linear speed can be used at both ends of the lathe and the outer circle of different diameters to ensure that the surface thickness is small and consistent. The surface selectivity is small, and the surface with large displacement is selectively inserted into the feed rate. The variability is very good, which is difficult to achieve on ordinary machine tools.

Special types of threaded parts. The thread that can be cut by the traditional lathe is quite limited, it can only process straight, tapered metric and inch threads of equal pitch, and a lathe is only limited to processing several kinds of pitches. Any straight, tapered, metric, inch and end-face threads with equal pitch, and can be processed with increasing or decreasing pitch, as well as threads requiring gradual transition between equal and variable pitches. The lathe alternately changes like that, it can cycle from one cut to another without stopping until it is completed, so it has a high efficiency in turning threads.

Rotating parts with good surface thickness. CNC lathes can machine parts with smaller surfaces, not only because of the rigidity and manufacturing accuracy of the machine tool, but also because of its constant linear speed cutting function. In the case of material, fine turning allowance and tool set, the surface is allowed to gradually enter the speed and cutting speed.

CNC lathe processing is a very advanced and efficient processing method among all processing methods for processing certain precision hardware parts, no matter what type of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy and other non-hardware materials. It can also be processed, such as hardware parts made of 316, 304 stainless steel and some carbon steel materials, or hardware parts made of different types of alloy steel materials.

Post time: Jan-14-2021